A Data Breach should not ruin your business!

A data breach or security incident could be considered an organisation’s biggest challenge. If you are lucky, the impact of a breach or incident will be minimal. Sometimes, the effect can be damaging, costly and time consuming to deal with.

Data breaches and incidents are a part of business today, however with careful planning, an organised approach and well-prepared processes, procedures and training, the effects of a data breach or incident can be contained and any damage can be minimised. Excis offers an end-to-end Data Breach Service where we can look at the threats, assess the risks and implement the appropriate solution to ensure that you are prepared for a breach or incident. We ensure that you have the capability to manage the technical as well as legal processes necessary to inform regulators, customers, supplier and your own employees and limit any damage from a technical, reputational, regulatory perspective.

How Excis can Help

Data Protection and the GDPR are about minimising risks to data and although organisations generally exist to fulfil a function or operation, legislation places a high priority on safeguarding data and notifying Regulators or Supervisory Authorities of any event that could affect a data subject if their data is compromised. Current legislation places high standards on organisations and in many cases, a Supervisory Authority needs to be notified within 72 hours of becoming aware of a breach. To avoid a fine, you need to show that you undertook all actions in your power to prevent a breach and that where a breach has occurred, you did everything you could to minimise the impact. There is also an exoectation that you learn lessons to ensure that no further breaches occur and any weaknesses are dealt with.

Excis provide our customers with the tools and knowledge to prevent, contain and demonstrate that they did everything in their power to minimise the impact of a data breach or incident.

Excis offers a range of services to help you plan and implement the appropriate processes, policies and procedures to help you deal with any breach or incident and to minimise risks of them occurring. Our approach is work with you to audit your business and processes to identify areas where incidents may occur and then look at any remediation required to reduce risks, producing a report and recommendations. We then look at a response plan that includes data maps, process flows and suppliers and remediation of any high-risk areas. Moreover we look at breach measurement and response, identifying all of the stakeholders and teams involved in any investigation, measurement and reaction / reporting. We also look at capability gaps around detection, forensics and investigation and finally we look at legal elements such as reporting and contractual obligations so that a complete strategy and handling process is implemented and that you are in a legally defensible position should a serious data breach or incident occur.

The Benefits Realised

  • Limit any risks to services, systems, reputation and finances by having a prepared plan;
  • Be able to demonstrate to a Supervisory Authority and your customers that you are compliant; with regulations and that you are able to deal with anything that could impact your customers
  • Build a culture of preparedness and data protection where everyone plays their part;
  • Be able to recognise, measure and manage a breach, minimising impact should one occur
  • Rehearse responses so that when the worst happens, everyone knows their role and can act to protect your customers and your organisation.


The Excis Approach

The Excis Approach starts with an understanding of your needs and we guide you through your journey starting with an initial risk assessment. We will identify key issues, provide expert advice and recommendations to address any issues that you may face and will agree any implementation needs, deliverables or outcomes. We aim to be efficient and to bring you the maximum benefits with the least impact to your business.


Please email: contact@excis.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1622 926 312 for more information.