Excis can provide hands-on practical experience to cover the full extent of Privacy and Data Protection!

The GDPR and the other global privacy legislations are complex, they are intertwined with other laws and are not easy to understand or to implement. The skills needed to navigate applicable laws are time consuming and specialised. For organisations, compliance is not an option but an obligation as breach could see financial sanctions and reputational damage leading to lost confidence from your customers or suppliers.

Excis Data Protection & Privacy Services provide your organisation with consultants who have many years hands on practical experience and expertise to cover the full extent of privacy and data protection legislation such as the GDPR as well as covering legal, technical, security, business, sales, marketing, design and management elements that also need to be compliant. This means that your organisation has the skills and expertise close by to deal with Data Protection & Privacy compliance while you carry on doing what your company does best.

The Benefits Realised

Data protection laws and privacy legislation such as the GDPR, CCPA, PDPA etc are sometimes seen as a burden and a cost. While in some cases this could be true, Excis works with companies to help them realise benefits from such legislation. Benefits include:

  • Access to specialists who understand your business and data protection needs,
  • Assistance in writing, reviewing, negotiating and monitoring customer and supplier contracts, reducing your risks and bringing customer benefit,
  • Trusted advisers (you to your customers, Excis to you), helping you focus on sales and benefits realisation,
  • A cost-effective strategic solution that helps your organisation develop a stronger compliance solution, reducing risks and ensuring continued service,
  • Support when you need it, assisting you to deal with events such as data breaches should they occur,
  • Reduced costs associated with full time expertise covering data protection, security and legal.

How Excis can Help

Excis understand the complexity and the effort needed to deliver or meet global the data protection and privacy needs of organisations. We offer a reliable and cost-effective team of experts who can help your company to address the business challenges and issues around current and future data protection and privacy as well as emergent laws and legislations.

Excis has worked with companies of all sizes in multiple industry sectors. Our years of experience of the GDPR and other privacy legislation has seen us take a pragmatic and practical attitude to data protection and privacy disciplines such as security and records management that lead to compliance. We believe in providing the tools and solutions to problems that are aligned to your business and to any attendant risks with your industry or sector.  Our approach is to help you become more profitable by addressing your data protection and privacy needs in ways that allow for you to add product differentiators, grow revenue or reduce overheads associated with operating costs or processes.

Our Data Protection & Privacy Services Include:

  • Data Protection Risk and Compliance Gap Analysis;
  • Data Process and Flow Mapping;
  • GDPR Compliance Audit;
  • Privacy, Security Policy Review and Development;
  • GDPR Awareness Training and Bespoke Syllabus Development;
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA);
  • Privacy by Design, Covering Software, Hardware or Services;
  • Data Protection and Security Audit;
  • Breach Response Process Creation, Response Training and Management;
  • Subject Access Request (SAR) Management;
  • Data Protection, Transfer Agreements and Standard Contractual Clauses;
  • Supplier and Customer Contract Reviews to Assure Compliance / Assess Gaps with Applicable Laws and Legislations;
  • Advisory Services on Data Protection in Specific Industries or Countries;
  • Privacy Project and Programme Assistance
  • Privacy and Compliance Consultancy

Please email: contact@excis.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1622 926 312 for more information.