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Excis Training Courses cover everything from the basics to the advanced and help solve real world problems by giving you insights and tools to succesfully implement what you have learned. Our trainers are not theorists, they are highly experienced privacy, cyber security and business professionals with hands-on and practical expertise. All have gone through the school of hard knocks and can pass on the knowledge of how to avoid issues and solve real world problems that training is meant to address. We do not teach subjects that are saturated in other training schools instead, we teach the subject that will give you an immediate benefit to deal with your day-to- day and global privacy problems. Our regular webinars are very sought after but we also train your in-house teams onsite at a place of your choosing. Our online self-paced courses will be available starting Q2 of 2020. Please see our current courses below and to book a course please click the BOOK NOW button, alternatively send us an email to : Thank you.

1.  Cloud Privacy - Assuring Compliance With the GDPR

About  this  Course :

This one-day training course covers all aspects cloud privacy so that you are aware of what needs to be factored when choosing a cloud supplier to be compliant with the GDPR. The course covers considerations, contract, security and ongoing issues around cloud privacy. The aim of the course is to give you the necessary information so you can achive compliance at supplier selection stage and can maintain compliance going forwards.


Real day-to day Cloud and IT Contract related business problems are explored and practical solutions are provided along with tools to help you analyse contracts and manage risks around cloud privacy.

Course Content:

1.  An Introduction to Cloud Computing

2.  Cloud Privacy, Security and Business Issues,

3.  Cloud Security Audit: Controls, Measures and Assessment - Common Problems,

4.  The Network and Information Security Directive (NIS),

5.  Article 28 of the GDPR,

6.  Cloud Contracts: What to Look for,

7.   Suppliers Role: Selection, Surveillance, Assuring Ongoing Compliance,

8.  Applicable Law, Legislation and International Standards,

9.  Mitigating Risks and Issues: What to Do, How to do it

10. Q&A, Wrap-up

2.  Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA's)

About  this  Course :

This one-day course covers different DPIA methodologies, the requirements for completing a DPIA and all of the steps necessary to ensure that data protection risks are managed before, during and after the DPIA process.

You will also be learning how and when to undertake DPIA's in your day to day business and about the different templates and tools that can be used to simplify the process.

Course Content:

1.  An Introduction to DPIA's,

2.  When do you Need a DPIA? ICO and Other Checklists,

3.  Types of DPIA's,

4,  Available Tools and Methodologies,

5   Privacy by Design, Article 25 of the GDPR,

6.  Ongoing assessment and Evidence, Article 24 of the GDPR,

7.  Desktop Exercise,

8.  Q&A, Wrap-up.

3.  Data Breach Training Course

About  this  Course :

The Data Breach course covers the key considerations and actions that need to be taken when a breach occurs. The first part of the course covers breach definition, measurement and classification. The second part of the course covers a breach scenario and offers a desk top exercise to reinforce learning.

Course Content:

1.  What is a Data Breach?

2.  Compliance Requirements for Reporting a Breach,

3.  Measuring a Breach,

4.  Methodologies for Containing a Breach and Practical Exercises

5.  Reporting a breach, Documentation and Actions to Take,

6.  Desktop Exercise,

7.  Feedback Sesssion,

8.  Q&A, Wrap-up.

4.  Privacy Contracts - Essential Knowledge

About  this  Course :

This one-day course provides non-legal experts with all the necessary information to be able to review, understand and negotiate Privacy Contracts. The course covers your legal requirements under the GDPR, supplier selection and ongoing contract management to meet obligations under the GDPR.


Course Content :

1.  A Brief Introduction to Contracts, Obligations, Formulation and Content and Article 28 of the GDPR

2.  Article 26 of the GDPR and ICO Recommendations on Controller to Controller Contracts,

3.  Article 28 of the GDPR, Controller and Processor Obligations,

4.  Data Processing Agreements, Formulation, Content and Considerations,

5  Data Transfer Mechanisms, EU Standard Contractual Clauses,

6.  Ongoing Contract Compliance, Surveillance and Assurance,

7. International Contracts, Applicable Law and What you Need to Factor,

8.  Q&A, Wrap-up.

5.  An Introduction to Technical GDPR for Lawyers

About  this  Course :

This one-day course covers the essential technical areas of the GDPR that affect lawyers and offers tools and practical measures to ensure a clear understanding of the key issues and how to deal with them. The course covers common technologies across IT, HR, Operations, Security Marketing and Sales. It covers the legal requirements around technicall security, the different standards and how you can measure compliance.

Course Content :

1.  Articles 32 and 35 of the GDPR,

2.  Legal Obligations Under the GDPR,

3.  Technical Audit, Information and Evidence,

4.  Different Technical Problems you may Face as a Lawyer,

5.   Sources of Help and Tools to Assist,

6.  Q&A, Wrap-up.

6.  GDPR Essentials Training Course

About  this  Course :

This two day course covers the essentials of the GDPR for those that need to understand the GDPR and who are responsible for compliance. The two days cover actual implementation matters and gives you practical tools and knowledge to take you or your organisation forward to be compliant.

Course Content :

1.  An Overview of the GDPR,

2.  Key Points and Obligations,

3.  Article 5 of the GDPR,

4.  Privacy Notices, Articles 13 and 14 of the GDPR,

5.  Essential Records / Evidence of Compliance,

6.   Controller and Processor Obligations,

6.  Article 28 of the GDPR,

7.  Data Processing Agreements, Formulation, Content and Considerations,

8.  Technical Audit, Information and Evidence,

9. Ongoing Contract Compliance, Surveillance and Assurance,

10. Article 24 of the GDPR, Demonstrating Compliance,

11.  Sources of Help and Tools to Assist,

12.  Q&A, Wrap-up.

7.  Privacy by Design Training Course

About  this  Course :

This one-day course goes through the essential components of Privacy by Design and provides both practical examples and tools to help you implement it.

Course Content :

1.  Article 25 Data Protection by Design and by Default

2.  Legal Obligations, Key Points

3.  DPIA's and Their Relationship to Privacy by Design

4,  Implementing Privacy by Design

5   Sources of Help

6.  Tools to Assist,  Processes and Templates

7.  Q&A, Wrap-up

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